Saturday, December 10, 2011

CB2 Grand Opening Preview Party

Was excited to receive an invite to the CB2 preview party. 
Has crate and barrel influence w/helvetica signs, bright colors 
& built-in paper wrapping station in the countertop.

This clock is really BIG @ 39". Could look great over the fireplace.

 This slanted desk was made of a chalkboard.

Flor tile station. I love this idea of them but have never understood why they are $15 a pop.

Liked the hard-wired light fixtures.

This tree was really neat. The bug ornaments were made of tin cans.
I kept hearing glass breaking throughout the evening.

 CB2 green is called chartreuse & camo green on their website.

How about some useless hairball coffeetable do dads?

Pretty sure my dogs would eat this log rug for a snack.

 What do you think this is?

Fun color everywhere and many interesting metal shelves throughout the store:

 Not so hot on the rice crispie bar covered shrimp:
 Or the mutton.