Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't get a BIG HED!

The final concept for the bathroom is nothing like the original plans. It evolved over time. First the paint color decision, and then the knob & hardware decision, and then the artwork decision.
Invited to a friends for Chicago Style hotdogs & a Led Zeppelin imposter concert, I sorted through my drawers looking for an old concert t-shirt to wear. I didn't find one to wear, but in the mix I found 2 old shirts that I had bought in Vegas (1996) that I just couldn't part with. When I got to the party I noticed that chef Steve was wearing an old "Big Hed" t-shirt that he had got in New Orleans. It was the same brand as my Vegas shirts!

The orange/red towel's color drove the concept. So orange and red it is--mix that with my latest obsession for Elvis, the t-shirt brand BIG HED (no relation, funny enough, but these HEDs are) and concept was finalized.

I found shadow box frames at homegoods. Amazingly cheap at $7.99. The second frame was on clearance for $3 bucks, but I had to get glass cut at my local hardware store (two trips to the store were necessary for them to get the cut right).

I thought it was neat that when you look in the mirror, you actually see a tryptych (three pictures). And the cheaping slot machine completes the picture. So project finis and time to move on to the playroom.

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