Tuesday, January 19, 2010

your ultimate playroom planner

This is how I make room plans:

I cut out little furniture shapes a play with them.
And I always use a BLUE flair marker.

This is the fabric I bought (maybe a little too early):

Because I thought it might go with the denim chair:

I need a loveseat width couch:

Tom doesn't want anything from IKEA. So I searched real furniture stores in Minnesota. Here are some possibilities:

But it the microfiber was so static-y. The saleswoman said I would have to keep a can of static guard nearby. No way. I have a rule about static. I will not buy static producing clothes, and certianly not furniture!

Now I'm leaning toward a Klik Klak sofa. They fold down into a bed. And were fairly comfortable to sit on.

Even though I like this blue one, I know Tom will want an ARM rest.

And a place for his beer.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Room and Board at Ten to Four

I haven't been to the Room and Board outlet for about 10 years (did another store fill this void?).  I wasn't even sure they'd be open so late on a Sunday. The roads leading there were GLARE ICE. Luckily I ended up having only 10 minutes to shop. Here's what I found:

A buttery double-wide for two (in a cozy chenille).

A midnight blue couch in a linen-like fabric (no kids, no pets allowed)!

Did I mention it was hard as a rock to sit on?

 And the "piece-day-resis-tawnce" (sorry i took german in high school):

Even my new camera didn't really capture how fantastic the red leather was. "I DIE!" says it all.

Yes, I'm a sucker for RED.

But perhaps I should share my best R&B piece from the outlet (purchased in 1992?).

It was crazy outfit day at our house.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ta Ta 4 Now

I've started an new blog. This blog isn't completely dead yet. If I've got something to say about IKEA and decorating this where I'll but it. Check it out at: http://ohmydoodle.blogspot.com/ Here's my new design for my header: