Monday, August 24, 2009

Laundry Room Redo

I took down some whiteboards (from IKEA, which suck because the pen will not wash off them!). I had to repair the walls and repaint. I found the original paint in the basement so total cost: FREE. It's tough to repaint the same color, because you can't see where you've been. I positioned a work lamp on the floor so I could see my painting progress. I tried to sell these IKEA racks at the garage sale, but luckily no one knew what they were for when they were lying on the driveway. So I decided to put them up. Very useful for drying clothes.

The clock you see below is from my very first IKEA trip in 1998. I think it was less than 5 bucks. I cleared out some clutter, found receipts from 1993 in a "save your receipts" folder from Dayton's. Relabeled some containers and threw out a bunch of pens.

Even though these built in's are nice, it's hard to reach anything that you store there. My goals of my household re-org/re-dec are "access", "room function" and "vaccuum-ability".

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Crystal said...

Hey, I have that same Ikea clock! Mine has green tape on one hand and red on another. Then there is a piece of red tape on the 12 and a piece of green tape on the 7. When Cole was 3 he would always get up at 5:00. It was my attempt to get him to stay in bed until 7:00. Yea, that didn't work.