Tuesday, November 17, 2009

yellow journa-LIZ-em

It was recently announced that Issac Mizrahi's line (newest designer for Liz Claiborne) will now only be available at QVC, meaning, I will never see his clothing in a store ever again. It was sad enough to see the empty hole he left at Target last year. So this week my obsession is to obtain the most iconic Liz pieces before he vanishes from Herberger's and Macy's (oops, I almost said Dayton's). I like how Isaac brought back this original Liz print from the 80s:

I am a sucker for anything cordouroy, and this jacket, even though it is yellow, has got me thinking "I need that now!"

Yellow can be a bad color on a lot of people, but if you put a brightly colored shirt between the yellow and your skintone, it can work. About a month ago, I saw these at the GAP.

The jacket is no longer available online, but the pants are.
I have big brown super high shoes. I'm pretty sure all of this will be on clearance by now, because no practical person would buy this color.

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robin zingone said...

Yes I do love it!