Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Curious to know what Dock 86 was, I checked it out. It's owned by HOM furniture (who also now owns Gabberts). It's in a former Levitz location north of St. Paul.
Nice, clean graphics on the outside. 

Inside you'll find long couches.

White couches.

Chairs for munchkins.

Pink and blue recliners. Ewww.

I'm not a big fan of ugly recliners, but this one is HEAVEN!

Lizzy hated nearly everything she saw.

And them I happened upon this:

So bad, it was actually good. Heaven for slouchy TV watchers.

 And the matching chair?

Cute as heck. Kind of looks like a baseball glove. 
And it swivels! 
It seems to be smiling at me. 
Should we take it home and name it Wilson?

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dawn said...

thanks for this post... i really wanted to check out this store but didn't have time. looks like it would have made for a fun field trip.