Tuesday, January 19, 2010

your ultimate playroom planner

This is how I make room plans:

I cut out little furniture shapes a play with them.
And I always use a BLUE flair marker.

This is the fabric I bought (maybe a little too early):

Because I thought it might go with the denim chair:

I need a loveseat width couch:

Tom doesn't want anything from IKEA. So I searched real furniture stores in Minnesota. Here are some possibilities:

But it the microfiber was so static-y. The saleswoman said I would have to keep a can of static guard nearby. No way. I have a rule about static. I will not buy static producing clothes, and certianly not furniture!

Now I'm leaning toward a Klik Klak sofa. They fold down into a bed. And were fairly comfortable to sit on.

Even though I like this blue one, I know Tom will want an ARM rest.

And a place for his beer.

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