Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Room and Board at Ten to Four

I haven't been to the Room and Board outlet for about 10 years (did another store fill this void?).  I wasn't even sure they'd be open so late on a Sunday. The roads leading there were GLARE ICE. Luckily I ended up having only 10 minutes to shop. Here's what I found:

A buttery double-wide for two (in a cozy chenille).

A midnight blue couch in a linen-like fabric (no kids, no pets allowed)!

Did I mention it was hard as a rock to sit on?

 And the "piece-day-resis-tawnce" (sorry i took german in high school):

Even my new camera didn't really capture how fantastic the red leather was. "I DIE!" says it all.

Yes, I'm a sucker for RED.

But perhaps I should share my best R&B piece from the outlet (purchased in 1992?).

It was crazy outfit day at our house.

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