Saturday, May 15, 2010

Das Not IKEA

I've been searching for a small chair for the corner in the bedroom and something for the playroom. My furolough day led me to Dania furniture, housed in the old Roseville Room & Board location. Remants of the store remain, like the cabinetry that once housed the coffee bar to the font used on the entrance to the store. The first thing I spotted was a smaller scale chair for $195. Nice looking AND they did not feel cheap. Great for houses with 8 foot ceilings, like mine. But seat depth was a little short.
Behind the pair, I saw this chair. Much better for the bedroom as far as cozyness, size is perfect, but the price was a little steeper, at $400.
And if I had a LARGE budget, this would be ideal. Leather with an adjustable headrest, for about $899.
So on to the family room where I spotted this party in a box:
Not really sure I'll pull the trigger on any of these. But isn't the hunt fun?
Oh and here's one more...liked the fabric on this:

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